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Carpet Cleaning In Cheltenham

Welcome to Cheltenham Cleaners, your trusted partner in maintaining a clean and healthy home. Our team specialises in high-quality carpet cleaning services designed to leave your living spaces fresh and immaculate.
With our eco-friendly products and state-of-the-art equipment, we tackle all types of stains, odours and dirt with precision and care. Come on board for a hassle-free cleaning experience that prioritises your satisfaction above everything else.

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About Us – Housekeeping in Cheltenham

Discover Cheltenham Carpet Cleaners:

At Cheltenham Cleaners, we’re more than just a cleaning service – we’re a dedicated team committed to enhancing your living and working spaces in Cheltenham.

With years of experience and a reputation for excellence, we offer personalised cleaning solutions for both office and home environments.

Our Services

Our Carpet Cleaning Services in Cheltenham

We offer deep carpet cleaning, stain removal, odour elimination, upholstery cleaning, and rug cleaning to ensure your carpets are fresh and vibrant.

Groundbreaking techniques are employed to delve into the depths of your carpets, extracting grime and allergens untouched by standard hoovering.
This procedure not only returns your carpet to its pristine condition but also enhances its lifespan by eliminating potentially damaging particles. Leveraging eco-friendly products along with superior methodologies, we administer an exhaustive cleanse that revitalises living areas, providing you with a more healthy and hospitable environment.

Stains can prove to be stubborn and a source of frustration. With the help of our experienced team, advanced stain removal techniques are used effectively to rid your carpets of hard-to-remove marks.
No matter if it's coffee spills or pet accidents, we handle each scenario with precision and diligence.
We utilise top-tier cleaning products that penetrate deep into the carpet fibres, dissolving even the most resistant grime or dirt. These potent solutions ensure complete stain removal without causing any harm to your carpets' delicate fibres.
Depend on us for a refreshed and sparkling clean carpet that enhances the visual allure of your home.

Unpleasant smells in your home can often linger within the fibres of your carpet. At Cheltenham Cleaners, we use specialised techniques and products that not only clean but also neutralise odorous substances.
These effective methods ensure your carpet is left free from stubborn smells, providing a fresher and more pleasant living environment. Trust us to transform your space into an oasis where you can relax without worrying about unwanted odours.
Our aim is to enhance the quality of air in your home through our exceptional odour elimination services as part of our comprehensive carpet cleaning package.

Keeping your upholstery clean not only enhances the beauty of your home but also contributes to a healthier living environment. Dirt and allergens embedded in furniture can trigger allergies and other respiratory issues, which is why regular professional cleaning is crucial.
At Cheltenham Cleaners, we have developed advanced cleaning techniques that penetrate deep into the fabric threads to efficiently remove dust particles and allergens without causing damage.
Our expert team also removes stubborn stains from sofas, armchairs, dining chairs and more using eco-friendly solutions for safe yet effective stain removal. With our comprehensive upholstery cleaning services, you'll receive immaculate furnishings that look as good as new!We believe in open and clear communication, listening to your specific needs and preferences, and always being responsive to any inquiries or concerns you may have. Our goal is to not only meet your expectations but exceed them by delivering exceptional service every time.
You can trust us to go the extra mile in delivering the highest level of customer satisfaction because we value your trust and loyalty as our valued customers.

We understand that rugs are not just part of your floor covering; they are valuable investments, often with sentimental value. So we treat them with utmost care. Our experts at Cheltenham Cleaners have the knowledge and training to clean all types of rugs, whether it's luxurious silk or simple synthetic fibres.
They use specially formulated products that deep-clean while preserving colour vibrancy and soft texture. We also offer deodorising treatments as an extra service to remove lingering odours from your rug, leaving it refreshed and revitalised.
For a professional rug cleaning experience that both protects and enhances your investment, trust us!

Our Process of Housekeeping in Cheltenham

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Cleaning Process

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carpet cleaning in cheltenham

Cheltenham Cleaners 

Benefits of Professional Carpet Cleaning

Professional carpet cleaning provides several benefits, such as improved indoor air quality, extended carpet lifespan, eradication of allergens and bacteria, enhanced appearance, and time and energy savings.

We thoroughly clean and steam your carpets down to the last fibre, successfully removing trapped pollutants. Residue from pets, allergens from pests, particle pollution, lead and daily dust amass in carpets over time.
We improve your indoor air quality by rigorously eliminating these unwelcome intruders from your home. Regular carpet cleaning greatly reduces the existence of these possibly hazardous contaminants.
Consequently, you can breathe more freely with fewer allergy triggers inside your living areas - an incredibly important advantage for individuals suffering from respiratory ailments or allergies!

Regular expert carpet cleaning can notably extend the life of your carpet. Over time, dirt and grime become lodged within your carpet's fibres, resulting in breakdown and deterioration of the material.
Our progressive cleaning techniques efficiently eliminate this concealed dirt, thus protecting your investment for several future years. This procedure not only sustains the cleanliness of your floor covering but also saves you from premature replacement expenses! By selecting our regular intensive cleaning services, you ensure that your home's carpets enjoy a longer lifespan while retaining their spotless condition and charm.

Our professional carpet cleaning service goes beyond making your carpets look clean and fresh. We understand the importance of a healthy home environment, which is why we prioritise removing allergens and bacteria from your carpets.
Our advanced equipment and eco-friendly products effectively eliminate dust mites, pollen, pet dander, and other allergens that can trigger allergies or asthma symptoms. By regularly deep cleaning your carpets, you can enjoy improved indoor air quality and create a safer space for you and your family.
Let us help you maintain a clean and healthy home with our expert carpet cleaning services.

Clean and fresh-looking carpets can greatly enhance the overall appearance of your home. Our professional carpet cleaning services are designed to bring new life to your carpets, making them look vibrant and inviting.
With advanced equipment and expertise, we can remove deep-seated dirt, stains, and odours that regular vacuuming may not be able to tackle. The result is a rejuvenated and revitalised carpet.
Trust us to give your carpets the care they deserve and leave them looking their absolute best.
Professional carpet cleaning not only improves the visual appeal of your home but also helps maintain a healthier living environment for you and your family. By removing allergens, bacteria, and other contaminants from deep within the fibres of your carpets, we contribute to better indoor air quality.

At our professional carpet cleaning service, we understand the value of your time. Our highly skilled professionals are trained to efficiently deep clean your carpets, removing stains and odours and leaving them looking fresh and vibrant.
By entrusting us with the task of cleaning your carpets, you can focus on other important aspects of your life while we take care of the dirty work. You'll no longer have to spend countless hours scrubbing and vacuuming – let us do all the hard work for you.
Experience the time and energy savings that come with hiring our team for all your carpet cleaning needs.

Customised cleaning plans

Choose Your Suitable Plans

At Cheltenham Cleaners, we understand that every home is different. That’s why our experienced team of cleaners offers customised cleaning plans tailored to your specific needs. We will work closely with you to create a cleaning schedule and checklist that covers all the areas and tasks important to you.

Let us create a plan just for you and experience how it makes a difference in keeping your home clean and comfortable.

Basic Clean Package

Keeping Things Fresh & Tidy

from £ 19
  • Empty Bins
  • Vacuum & Mop Floors
  • Dust Upper Surfaces
  • Clean Counter Tops
  • Wipe Appliances (outside)
  • Wipe Kitchen Cabinets (outside)
  • Clean Sink
  • Clean Hob
  • Scrub Toilets
  • Fold and/or Hang Towels
  • Rinse & Wipe Bath Tubs and/or Showers
  • Wipe Bathroom cabinets
  • Quick De-clutter of Floors
  • Make Beds
  • Clean Mirrors
  • Remove Cobwebs

Deluxe Clean Package - Our Signature Deep Cleaning

All in Basic Plan plus:

from £ 21
  • Clean Skirting Boards
  • Dust individual Ornaments
  • Knick-Knack Clean
  • Light Switches & Door Knobs
  • Clean Doors/Frames
  • Sanitise Bins
  • Scrub Tile Grouting
  • Vacuum Under Beds
  • Dust & Wipe Down Lampshades
  • Vacuum Furniture & Upholstery
  • Dust & Clean Blinds

Housekeeping Package

Deluxe Clean plus:

from £ 23
  • Includes Everything in Deluxe Clean, Plus
  • Make Beds & Change Bed Sheets
  • Laundry Services + Ironing
  • Kitchen: Inside Microwave & Fridge Freezer


Cheltenham Cleaners At Its Finest

Sarah J. Customer

I recently hired Cheltenham Cleaners for their Deluxe Clean package, and the results were beyond my expectations! The attention to detail and the care they put into cleaning my home was impressive. From the skirting boards to the light switches, everything was spotless. I can't recommend them highly enough!

Tom M Customer

We've been using Cheltenham Cleaners for their Basic Clean service for a few months now, and it's been a great experience. The team is always punctual, friendly, and efficient. The convenience of coming home to a fresh and clean house can't be overstated. Keep up the great work!

Linda K. Customer

The Housekeeping Service from Cheltenham Cleaners has truly changed my life! Not only do they handle the cleaning, but they also manage my laundry and ironing. The staff is courteous, trustworthy, and they have an eye for detail. It's like having a personal assistant for my home. Five stars!

Richard H. Customer

I hired Cheltenham Cleaners for a one-time Deluxe Clean after a renovation, and they did a splendid job! They tackled all the dust and got into the nooks and crannies I didn't even think about. They were professional and thorough. I'll definitely be calling them again for future cleaning needs.

Emily B Customer

Cheltenham Cleaners is my go-to cleaning service. I've tried both their Basic and Deluxe Clean packages, and I've never been disappointed. The staff is well-trained, respectful, and they always do a fantastic job. I appreciate their commitment to customer satisfaction and their affordable pricing. Highly recommended!

Benefits of Hiring Cheltenham Cleaners

Why Choose Us for Carpet Cleaning in Cheltenham

Choose Cheltenham Cleaners for our highly skilled professionals, meticulous attention to detail, and commitment to service excellence.

Our team of highly skilled professionals are experts in carpet cleaning. With years of experience and training, we consistently deliver exceptional results. Our technicians use advanced equipment and techniques to effectively deep clean your carpets, removing dirt, stains, and odours.
You can trust us to provide meticulous attention to detail and a commitment to service excellence when it comes to taking care of your carpets. Count on our dedicated professionals for the best carpet cleaning experience possible.

At Cheltenham Cleaners, we take great pride in our meticulous attention to detail. Our highly skilled professionals understand the importance of thoroughly cleaning every inch of your carpets and ensuring no spot is left untouched.
We pay close attention to even the smallest stains and odours, using advanced techniques to eliminate them completely. By meticulously cleaning your carpets, not only do we enhance their appearance but also extend their lifespan, saving you money in the long run.
With our commitment to providing service excellence, you can trust that no matter how big or small the job may be, we will always go above and beyond to deliver a sparkling clean result that exceeds your expectations.
When it comes to professional carpet cleaning services, our team at Cheltenham Cleaners stands out for our impeccable attention to detail. Our skilled professionals understand that every corner matters when it comes to achieving a truly clean space.
From deep carpet cleaning and stain removals to odour elimination and upholstery cleaning, we leave nothing untouched. By paying meticulous attention to detail in all aspects of our work, we ensure that your home is not only visually appealing but also free from allergens and bacteria that could affect indoor air quality.

At our cleaning service, we are committed to delivering the highest level of excellence. Our team of skilled professionals goes above and beyond to exceed your expectations by providing exceptional cleaning results and meticulous attention to detail.
We understand that your satisfaction is our top priority, which is why we ensure every area we clean is left spotless and sparkling. With our dedication to excellent service, you can trust us to meet and surpass all your cleaning needs.

We pride ourselves on providing excellent customer service at Cheltenham Cleaners. Our dedicated team is committed to ensuring that you have a positive experience from start to finish.
We believe in open and clear communication, listening to your specific needs and preferences, and always being responsive to any inquiries or concerns you may have. Our goal is to not only meet your expectations but exceed them by delivering exceptional service every time.
You can trust us to go the extra mile in delivering the highest level of customer satisfaction because we value your trust and loyalty as our valued customers.

We strive for complete customer satisfaction with our housekeeping services. That's why we offer a guarantee of satisfaction. If you're not pleased with our cleaning job for any reason, simply inform us and we'll rectify it.
Our highly skilled and trained cleaners take pride in their work and go the extra mile to ensure your home is immaculate. Rest assured that when you select us for housekeeping, your contentment is our utmost concern.

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